2009.11.22 Posted Glimpse, my 2007 film loosely based on the life of Willem deKooning, on Enjoy.
2009.11.10 Prayers for Peace will be screening at the Akron Art Museum continuously until February 14, 2010
2009.10.26 I guess I'm going to try to turn this page into a twitter feed via an API. It might be more work than it's worth.
2009.10.25 Started a new tumblr. blog describing what I am currently working on. Right now it is talking mostly about my studio practice and my slate animation landscapes, but in the future it may include things such as my hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookie recipes.
2009.10.21 Prayers for Peace will be on view at the Akron Art Museum from October 21 until February 14, 2010. It will be playing in the Shaw Video Box in tandem with a PBS video about Chuck Close. The week of Veterans Day, November 8 - November 14 the video will be flying solo and admission will be free for Veterans.
2009.08.08 Prayers for Peace will be on view at the Akron Art Museum from the end of October until January 3, 2010 on the Shaw Video Box. More information as it comes.
2009.07.27 LA Shorts Fest, Prayers for Peace California Premiere.

Atari Lounge at Ingenuity Fest, Cleveland

2009.05.26 School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “Mediated Realities,” an exhibition of selected thesis projects by 2009 graduates of the MFA Computer Art Department.
2009.05.02 Completed excerpt from thesis animation, Prayers for Peace.
2009.03.07 Work in progress of thesis animation. Projected completion date, April 2009.
2009.01.21 School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents "know sense," an exhibition of work by SVA students and recent graduates contrasting the conceptual and contemplative with the ironic and absurd.
2008.12.14 MFACA Open Studios. Posted the stop-motion that people from open studios helped create. Thanks for stopping by!
2008.12.11 MFACA Open Studios. Please come help me with a demonstration of a chalkboard stop-motion animation. Friday and Saturday I'll have some hot chocolate ready!
2008.10.29 School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents "Continuous Current," an exhibition of sculpture, prints, digital video, computer animation and interactive video installations by students, alumni and faculty in the MFA Computer Art Department. I'll show two pieces, a video of the notes to self and a stop-motion chalkboard animation, consumption.
2008.09.14 Added Laura Bidwell's stop motion film of her interpretation of the Quadrangular Chronicle.
2008.09.13 Updated the animation page including the addition of Consumption, a new chalkboard animation as well as converted all the other animations over to QuickTime .mov files.
2008.08.07 Orange County Museum of Art and Newport Beach Film Festival screening of Glimpse followed by a Q+A session.
2008.03.16 Just finished an animation about a guy in New York City looking for an apartment.
2008.02.29 Leap Day! I haven't updated in almost six months. I've been crazy busy. I started two new animated shorts, I've been learning a new programming language called Processing, and I've been learning how to build circuits. Here are a few of the Processing projects.
2008.01.25 Standing Rock Film Festival.
2007.09.26 Raindace Film Festival, London, England, September 26 - October 7, 2007. (Glimpse screening)
2007.09.23 Everglades International Film Festival @ Dargle, South Africa, September 24-29, 2007. (Glimpse screening)
2007.09.18 Super high tech computer program that stacks circles on top of each other and moves them around. Sort of like an eleven layer cake being carried across a room.
2007.09.11 First attempt at programming using the Processing language. It came out pretty good. Pretty simple, but good. i think. i'm pretty excited about this whole Processing language. for some reason it seems more interesting than "computer science" programming.
2007.09.05 SoCal Independent Film Festival, Huntington Beach, CA, September 5-9, 2007. (Glimpse screening)
2007.09.05 DC Shorts Film Festival, Washington DC, September 5-9, 2007. (Glimpse screening)
2007.09.04 Wildwood by the Sea Film Festival, Wildwood, NJ, September 4-9, 2007. (Glimpse screening)
2007.09.04 Rome International Film Festival, Rome, GA. (Glimpse screening)
2007.08.25 Filmgate International Student Film Festival, St. Louis, MO. (Glimpse screening)
2007.08.18 Jersey Shore Film Festival, Deal, NJ. (Glimpse screening)
2007.08.11 Landlocked Film Festival, Iowa City, IO. (Glimpse screening)
2007.08.11 SF Shorts Film Festival, San Francisco, CA. (Glimpse screening)
2007.08.10 Sacramento Independent Film Festival, Sacramento, CA. (Glimpse screening)
2007.08.03 MoCA Cleveland MOCA Mix::film:: The Great ARTdoors, Friday, August 3, 2007 7:00 - 12:00 am
2007.08.03 FILMBIANCE, The Fine Film Society, Seattle, WA.  (Glimpse screening)
2007.08.01 Gloria Film Festival. West Valley City, UT, August 1-4.
2007.07.13 "19" @ Asterisk Gallery. Opening Reception Friday July 13, 6-11pm show runs through Aug 4th. Cleveland, OH, during Tremont Art Walk.
2007.06.29 Bronx Independent Film Festival. Glimpse screening time TBA.
2007.06.22 Rutgers University: New Jersey International Film Festival. Glimpse screening @ 7pm
2007.06.21 Student Films Across America at Cedar Lee Theatre, Cleveland, 7pm.
2007.06.14 Scene First Film Festival. June 14-June 16, Wilmington, NC.
2007.06.13 Planet Ant Film Festival. June 13-June 16, Hamtramck/Detroit, MI
2007.05.26 9TH ANNUAL ARTSFEST FILM FESTIVAL. Glimpse screening @ 1pm
2007.05.12 Wexner Center for the Arts: Ohio Short Film & Video Showcase
2007.02.24 animation workshop at summit artspace
2007.01.26 "Glimpse" premier at Standing Rock Film Festival
2007.01.25 show at summit artspace gallery until 2007.03.05
2006.10.21 show at square records (7-9pm)

creative non fiction: the deck

2006.10.10 central america poem
2006.09.24 new illustration friday postings, with guest artists cole and ryanne
2006.08.11 illustration friday posting: play
2006.08.01 illustration friday posting: clean
2006.07.22 illustration friday posting: opposites
2006.07.17 illustration friday posting: sacrifice
2006.06.25 three animations posted, test zero, test four, and test seven. note: they take a minute or two to load
2006.06.22 changing the dating system
2006.06.22 changing system over to macromedia dreamweaver. wow, i haven't done anything with my web site for over a year. that's not good. i have a lot to post, so i'll keep busy for the next few days
2005.04.29 added some pictures and narration from el salvador, honduras, and nicaragua, to the central america pictures page. note: this takes five minutes to load on an ISDN.
2005.04.21 added some scanned pictures of some new cards
2005.04.02 cleaned up all the broken links and misspelled words.  this isn't anything that you can click on to go see, but my mother would be proud
2005.03.05 live diary of travels through mexico, belize, guatemala, and el salvador (i plan on putting this on this web site sooner or later)
2005.03.04 some new scanned cards [more ready to be scanned]
2004.12.14 updated notes to self digital copies from 03.21.03 thru 06.06.03 [note: 2003 blog no longer available]
2004.11.23 updated notes to self photographs
2004.11.23 old pictures of medeski, martin, and wood now accessible
2004.11.16 updated notes to self digital copies from 10.13.02 thru 12.31.02 [note: 2002 blog no longer available]
2004.11.16 new story - Comma's South Korea Emails
2004.05.10 NASA Rewind really long poem


















































































































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